RTF output missing a default style

Subject: RTF output missing a default style
From: Thomas Lockhart <lockhart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 14:29:30 +0000
I've been using Jade/OpenJade for the last couple of years to generate
~600 pages of PostgreSQL docs, using Mark Galassi's RPM packages and
most recently the RPMs which came with my Mandrake-7.0 Linux distro.
To generate hardcopy, I generate an RTF output, import into
ApplixWare, clean up the markup, page breaks, etc, and then print into
a Postscript file.

This all works great, except that ApplixWare has trouble assigning
correct styles to the body text (though it *looks* good), which in
turn prevents me from regenerating the ToC automatically. Instead, I
have to hand-type the page numbers into the existing ToC, spending ~10
hours each time to do it.

I submitted the problem RTF file to the ApplixWare folks, and their
conclusion was that the default style specification was missing from
the RTF file, and that the RTF standard does not specify an expected
behavior for this case. So text with the "s0" style ends up inheriting
the style preceding it in the doc, usually a header style.

I opened up the RTF file with vi, and added "{\s0 Normal;}" to the
front of the {\stylesheet section, and things work very well for me

Would it be possible to add this style specification, or something
equivalent, to OpenJade? Though the workaround is easy to apply, it
would be nice to not have to do it at all...


                       - Thomas

Thomas Lockhart				lockhart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
South Pasadena, California

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