Re: Looking for DSSSL stylesheets for HTML

Subject: Re: Looking for DSSSL stylesheets for HTML
From: José Carlos Ramalho <jcr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 12:04:45 +0100
"Ribeiro, Glauber" wrote:

> Are there any (good) DSSSL stylesheets available for HTML (preferrably HTML
> 4.0)? I can't believe there aren't but i can't find them either...
> By the way, i figured out how to set up heading levels with Jade so Word can
> set up the document structure: use
> (declare-characteristic heading-level
>   "UNREGISTERED::James Clark//Characteristic::heading-level"
>   0)
> Then, you can use heading-level: as a paragraph attribute. Values are 1 to
> 9.
> Glauber
> glauber.ribeiro@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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O Norman Walsh tem umas stylesheets para converter documentos escritos de
acordo com o DTD do DocBook para HTML.
Se não servirem pelo menos podes tirar de lá algumas ideias:


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