Re: page-number-restart?: and page-number-format:

Subject: Re: page-number-restart?: and page-number-format:
From: "Christof Drescher" <drescher@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 12:05:43 +0200
From: <jany.quintard@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: page-number-restart?: and page-number-format:
> But I am still having some difficulties.
> First, the page-number-restart does not apparently work with the PDF
output. In
> RTF, page numbers restart from one after the end of the table of contents.
> The same with nomber format. The TOC should have roman digits (it has in
the RTF
> file).
> I suppose that the two problems are related and that I made something
> It seems that the RTF backend can give apparently good results with poor
> while the PDF needs better DSSSL code.

No solution, but maybe a realted question:
These attributes are non-standard and have been added by J. Clark for the
RTF backend - they don't show up in the FOT file produced, for instance. The
latter would be extremely helpful to support these features (e.g. in the
fot2pdf backend, which is based on the fot output).

Maybe, a "cleaner" implementation of these user-defined attributes would
help, but as I have asked the developers on this list earlier, there seems
noone willing to implement it.

May it be the two problems are related?

Hope someone programming OpenJade answers...

Christof Drescher
Pro Image GbR, Marburg
email: drescher@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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