Variables and Strings

Subject: Variables and Strings
From: skvenkat@xxxxxxx
Date: 27 Aug 00 23:24:56 MDT
Thanks Norman,

     But what I meant was can I equate a string to a variable like (def x
x-string) where x-string is "2". Anyway, more precisely my problem was
in relation to geting the number of columns in a grid (matrix), with say
<array><r><c>1<c>0<c>0<r><c>0<c>1<c>0<r><c>0<c>0<c>1</array> where <r>-row,
<c>-column. I use (element array make grid) (element c make grid-cell), but
there is no grid-row flow object, so I have to supply the number of columns in
the make grid charchterstic by counting the number of <c> tags. How do I do


SK Venkat

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