Re: fot2pdf backend

Subject: Re: fot2pdf backend
From: "Christof Drescher" <drescher@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 09:32:45 +0200

Mark Wroth wrote:
> I've been experimenting with the fot2pdf backend, and
>can't get past some basic errors, which may be a
>function of something other than fot2pdf
>(my own ignorance being a major possibility).
> Specifically, fot2pdf runs, but produces an empty PDF document and a slew
of error/warnings of the form
> WARNING! Unsupported FlowObject 'text' skipped!
> Since all of the character data in the fot file appears to be
>in text elements, this is consistent with the empty
>document, but it seems I must be missing something elementary.

The error you've been experiencing comes from the problem that fot2pdf is
quite...ummm...strict in how it expects the flowobjecttree to be

Since PDF documents are designed for print, it needs a simple-page-sequence
around it, and text being part of a paragraph (or table-cell etc.). So if a
DSSSL-script start's some text from the beginning, it does not see it to
belong to any page-sequence - it says it is "unsupported" to be a child of
the root element (since the root element may only contain
simple-page-sequences). The same is if a text is not encapsulated by a
paragraph or anything like it (a header, footer, whatever...).

So, please check wether this "formal" structure is heeded; maybe check how
the fot2pdf-usage sample document (part of the distribution as sgml and
dsssl!) is structured.

I know many scripts are not that "clearly" structured, and I may even put in
some automatism about it (e.g. if you find a text, and it is not in a
paragraph, assume there is one).

Hope this helps,

P.S.: I will post a FAQ about fot2pdf usage in a couple of days about the
most common problems (e.g. font naming and the above mentioned structure

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