Re: Functions returning length-spec

Subject: Re: Functions returning length-spec
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 13:39:47 -0600
Quoting roconnor@xxxxxxxxxxxx <roconnor@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I want to write a letter, and I want to put an address in the top right
> corner.  Now the way I was thinking of doing this was to use a table to
> push it over (This way I can have one cell in the left with my address,
> and a cell in the right for the receipient's address).  But the amt. I
> want to push it over depends on how wide the address I'm sending to is.
   Okay, you got me. :)  I really don't know much about the formatting
side of DSSSL.  I was lucky on the bulletted item thing, having looked
at some examples before.  I could tell you how to do this in TeX, but
I don't think that would be too helpful, here. :)
   This seems like a simple enough task, but having looked over the
flow objects section of the DSSSL standard, the only thing I can find
which might be useful (emphasis on "might") would be the included
container area object, which Jade doesn't support. :(
   Anyone else (more familiar with formatting) have any ideas?

-Brandon :)

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