Re: dsssl contractors?

Subject: Re: dsssl contractors?
From: "Christopher R. Maden" <crism@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 15:57:56 -0800
At 11:45 12-11-2000 -0800, Shawn O. McKenzie wrote:
Well, I found someone who is going to modify the nwalsh stylesheets for us
so they will look like we want. If you have any insight on converting
between Framemaker and SGML that would be great. I keep seeing references
to it, but have not found anyone who has actually done it.

Bleah. One approach is to use FrameMaker+SGML. This assumes that the "structured Frame document" is going to be your central repository, and that SGML will be primarily an export. The nice thing is that the pretty printing works pretty easily. However, import is dicey, and the set-up work is painful.

Another approach is to use SGML as the canonical format and style into Frame. I successfully round-tripped documents at O'Reilly as follows:

From Word, using the O'Reilly Word stylesheet, we imported into Frame, imported the Frame O'Reilly tags, and did some clean-up. I tried importing into Frame+SGML to save as DocBook SGML, but it was too much trouble to only get 85% or so of the way done. Instead, I used Frame 5.5's save-as-XML to get trivial XML that was based on the Frame tag names, and used Perl to up-translate to DocBook XML.

To get back to tagged Frame or styled Word, I used the DSSSL stylesheets at <URL:> to generate MIF files that included the O'Reilly Frame stylesheet (not using the Jade MIF back-end, but using literal MIF output), and brought those into Frame, possibly exporting to Word afterwards.

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