(dsssl) Fwd: Reminder about concrete syntax usage in stylesheet and source

Subject: (dsssl) Fwd: Reminder about concrete syntax usage in stylesheet and source
From: "G. Ken Holman" <gkholman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 19:44:59 -0400
(I'm going to try this message again; this time with the corrected list address!! ...................... Ken)

Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 03:23:51 -0400
To: DSSSL List <dssslist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: "G. Ken Holman" <gkholman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Reminder about concrete syntax usage in stylesheet and source

Just a quick note to everyone about Jade's use of concrete syntaxes, because I just wasted 2 hours on a problem I was having and I should have remembered this undocumented "feature" of Jade because I think I discovered this 3 years ago and it just slipped my mind.

My stylesheet was using the reference concrete syntax and my source SGML was using a specialized concrete syntax ... Jade ignores the concrete syntax of the source file and uses the concrete syntax of the stylesheet when parsing the source.

To get around my problem I copied the concrete syntax from my source SGML to the top of my stylesheet (which typically just uses the reference concrete syntax) and everything worked.

I would think the DSSSL would allow the stylesheet and the source file to have different concrete syntaxes and that this is just a quirk of Jade ... does anyone have an opinion that they should necessarily be the same?

I don't mind that it is a quirk of Jade, I just wish I had remembered it two hours ago.

Hopefully by posting this publicly it will show up in the archives for future reference by someone having the same problem.

No response required.

I hope this helps.

............................. Ken

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