(dsssl) lists and extra space

Subject: (dsssl) lists and extra space
From: Balazs Scheidler <bazsi@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 19:11:33 +0200

I've run into a problem which seems to be jade or dsssl related, and thought
this list should be the appropriate to post.

We are writing a document in docbook markup, using jade (both 1.2.1 and
1.4-devel1) to generate postscript with the TeX backend.

Our problem is that there's an extra space after the bullet in
itemizedlists, like this:

*  First line of the item...
  Second line of the item
  Third line of the item.

As the example shows the first line is indented a little bit more than the
others. Checking out the TeX source revealed, that there are some whitespace
which is erroneously interpreted as a single space by LaTeX. Here's the tex

{1}}You already have got a web-\/cache proxy\endPar{}\endNode{}\Node%
{}                                      If your web-\/cache server is inside your private network and is allowed to get through the transparent 
                                        firewall. In this case your clients use it as a web-\/cache server.

as you see the paragraph contents begins with some tabs (comes from the sgml
source since it's indented), and this results a small gap in front of the
first line. I'm investigating the problem further, though some hints would
be appreciated.


In the meanwhile (the list server software bounced my message, because I was
not subscribed) I could fix the problem by patching jade as follows:

--- TeXFOTBuilder.cxx.cxx.old   Wed Oct  7 07:16:34 1998
+++ TeXFOTBuilder.cxx   Fri Jun 29 18:05:39 2001
@@ -3446,13 +3457,13 @@
     String<char> s;
     stringout_.extractString( s );
     StrOutputByteStream out;
-    out << "\\" << name << "%\n{" << s << '}';
+    out << "\\" << name << "%\n{" << s << "}%\n";
     out.extractString( s );
     *output += s;
   } else {
     os() << "\\" << name << "%\n{";
-    os() << '}';
+    os() << "}%\n";

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