(dsssl) DocBook to HTML - customize dsssl

Subject: (dsssl) DocBook to HTML - customize dsssl
From: curt brune <curt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 09:14:05 -0700

I'm new to dsssl and am having difficulty customizing the HTML output. I
have a specific question and a general question -- first specifics.

-- I'm using dsssl-1.72 and I want to customize the look of a table header.
Inside dbtable.dsl I see it generates <TH> elements, which when rendered by
a browser makes the cell contents appear bold.  I would **like** to change
the background color of the header row ( or the individual header cells ).
The machinery that generates a table (in dbtable.dsl) and processes the
cells is quite complex -- It's not clear to me where I would modify the

I envision the output HTML looking something like this:

	  <tr bgcolor=#mycustomcolor>

That's my specific question.  The more general question is how to set the
background colors of arbitrary elements (<p> <body> <blockquote> ).  Like
I said I new to this.

I could envision a somewhat "tortured" method where I also specify a .css
and assign classes to various elements, but that seems like mixing two
kinds of stylesheets. yuck.  Anyone been down this road?



Curt Brune       
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
GLAST -- Flight Software Group

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