(dsssl) blockquotes

Subject: (dsssl) blockquotes
From: Lillian Balsvik <lillian.balsvik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2001 14:43:46 +0200
I'm using a modified version of Docbook XML V4.1.2. and the v 1.3 dsssl
stylesheet. It appears that the blockquotes inherit the paragraph
indentation. Is there a way to get rid of first-line indentation for

I need a list of abbreviations for a book. It seems like there is no such
feature in Docbook. How do I do this?

I use openjade 1.3.4. My bibliographical entries look like this:

<bibliomixed id="kri79">
     <bibliomset relation="article"><surname>Kristensson</surname>,
     <title role="article">A piece of Middle English word geography</title>,
   <bibliomset relation="journal">
     <title>English Studies</title>

This produces a lot of error messages, but the output is correct.
Similarly, table processing (<colspec>) produces a lot of error messages,
but is printed correctly. I just suppress the number of errors. Is this the
way to do this?

I also sort the bibliography after I have opened it in Word (rtf output).
I'm not sure if this is smart, either. If there is a better way of doing
it, I would be glad to know.

Thanks in advance, 
Lillian Balsvik

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