(dsssl) Abstract w/ tex backend

Subject: (dsssl) Abstract w/ tex backend
From: curt brune <curt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 16:27:43 -0800

I'm using DSSSL version 1.72 with the tex backend to write an article.  Inside
of my <articleinfo> I have an <abstract> section.  I then run the whole
openjade, pdfjadetex loop.  The results are really good.  My question is
how do I have the stylesheets add the phrase "Abstract: " ( in bold ) before
the <para> of my <abstract> ?

I went spelunking into dbttlpg.dsl looking for article-titlepage-abstract,
thinking I could agument the default behaviour.  What I found is :

	(define (article-titlepage-abstract node side)
  	(article-titlepage-element node side))

But I don't see how that helps me, as every article-titlepage-* calls
article-titlepage-element .

When I find the correct place the code I would insert is something like:

  (make sequence
	font-weight: 'bold
	(literal "Abstract: "))

Once I figure out how to do this for the print stylesheet I would also like
to do it to the html stylesheet.  Any help would be great.



Curt Brune       
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
GLAST -- Flight Software Group

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