(dsssl) Re: rules in headers/footers

Subject: (dsssl) Re: rules in headers/footers
From: curt brune <curt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 09:43:28 -0800
> Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 13:23:14 -0500
> From: "Francis J. Lacoste" <francis.lacoste@xxxxxxxxxx>

> Try to update to a recent version of JadeTeX. It was patched recently to
> support rule object as inline elements. You will also probably want to

Yes yes.  I upgraded to the latest jadetex and all is working well.  Thank 
you for the pointer.


Curt Brune       
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
GLAST -- Flight Software Group

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