(dsssl) ANNOUNCE: OpenJade 1.3.1

Subject: (dsssl) ANNOUNCE: OpenJade 1.3.1
From: Ian Castle <ian.castle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 25 Jan 2002 17:50:24 +0000
OpenJade 1.3.1 is now available to download at


OpenJade 1.3.1 is very much a maintenance release. It is fully described
in the release notes which are available from the location above (and
included in the release).

OpenJade 1.3.1 pulls together the various patches and fixes that have
been made and tested since the previous release of OpenJade, back in
1999. In addition, the new release supports new platforms and the latest
GNU and Microsoft compilers "out of the box".

Release highlights include:

- Support for new platforms and architectures including Mac OS X /
Darwin and Cygwin, Intel ia64 under Linux (and S/390, PPC, Sparc, Alpha
- Support for GCC 2.95.3, Red Hat GCC 2.96, GCC 3.0 and hopefully GCC
3.1 when it becomes available.
- Support for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
- Upgraded GNU source configuration tools (autoconf, configure script)
to make openjade more portable (and to reach more environments).

- Improvements to the TeX backend included enhanced table support and
working double sided output support (required jadetex 3.4 or later)

- UNIX on-line manual (man) pages for the various tools in the package

There are sundry other bug fixes which are fully described in the
release notes.

I hope to put up a Windows binary build before too long.. But it is just
the source at the moment.



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