(dsssl) Assistance appreciated.

Subject: (dsssl) Assistance appreciated.
From: Dave Pawson <DaveP@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 18:13:24 +0000


I've made a start.
Written in docbook XML 4.12.
Gnu free documentation licence applies

Any input appreciated.
Comment on the proposed contents (in preface),
Write a chapter.
Write a chunk for a chapter.
Plain text, docbook format, I don't mind doing the markup.
Comment on what's there.
Rates of pay aren't very good, but I will say thankyou :-)
I will try to do it myself if no one else is interested, though
it will be much better with  people working together on it.

We can do it between us.

Regards DaveP

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