Re: (dsssl) sgmlprop.dtd

Subject: Re: (dsssl) sgmlprop.dtd
From: Dave Pawson <DaveP@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 12:37:06 +0000
At 09:06 23/02/2002 +0000, Dave Pawson wrote:
has a copy of sgmlprop.dtd as called out in 9.6, sgml property set.

The document within the spec doesn't conform to this dtd.

A google search had Richard Light make a dtd, he posted it to
xml dev as a zip file, which the list archive duly unzipped
and attached.

Anyone got a DTD that the instance actually parses to?

OK, probably not quite true to fashion, but i've 'teaked' the dtd, sgmlnorm then sx to make a workable version. then produced a viewable version. See

My intention was to find out just what properties I can get hold of
from a DSSSL script.

Unsure if this answers the question or not, just yet.

I'd really like to limit it to those property sets used in dsssl,
but haven't worked out what that subset is.

Again, any help appreciated.

regards DaveP

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