RE: (dsssl) siblings

Subject: RE: (dsssl) siblings
From: DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 08:22:19 -0000
(define (siblings #!optional (osnl (current-node)))
  (children (parent osnl)))
>From the procs library.

>    Perhaps the count of 13 includes character nodes for the whitespace
> within the <sect3>?  Not having the DTD you used, 

Ah! Being nearly fully xml'ised, I didn't have a dtd.
So I guess the whitespace nodes are the culprit.

Also missed the fact that self is a sibling of self!

Must be more careful, I still have the xml document 
tree in my head. And boy, are the axis useful :-)

Thanks Brandon.

Regards DaveP

> > <doc>
> > <sect1 id="sect1id">
> >      <head>This is a heading</head>
> >      <p>This is text</p>
> >      <p>This is <em>bold</em></p>
> >      <p>This is <strong>strong</strong></p>
> >      <sect2 id="sect2id" att2="sect2attrib">
> >        <head>Section 2 heading</head>
> >        <p>Another paragraph  <anchor 
> id="anchid">content</anchor></p>
> >       <sect3><head>Section 3 heading</head>
> > 	<special id="spec">Content in section 3</special>
> >        </sect3>
> >      </sect2>
> >    </sect1>
> > </doc>
> > 
> > For element special:
> >   (literal "Siblings: " ( number->string (node-list-length 
> (siblings))))
> > 
> > shows a count of 13, which simply doesn't make sense to me.
> >  From the spec
> > 4.29 siblings (of a node)
> > The other nodes in the grove that occur in the value of the 
> > origin-to-subnode relationship property of the origin of the node.
> > 
> > I interpret this as being the 'depth in the tree' relationship,
> > according to which the sibling count should be 0.
> > 
> Hi, Dave...
>    First of all, how do you have (siblings) defined?  Using the
> definition from the copy of the DSSSL procedure library you have on
> your site, I get a value of 2 for the "special" element, which looks
> correct, as that definition returns the element itself along with the
> element's siblings, so it is counting the <head> and <special>
> elements.
>    Perhaps the count of 13 includes character nodes for the whitespace
> within the <sect3>?  Not having the DTD you used, I may have gotten
> different results.  Try replacing the (literal "Siblings: " ...) line
> you have with (debug-nl (siblings)).  Here's (debug-nl):
> (define (debug-nl #!optional (nl (current-node)))
>   (let loop ((n nl) (r (literal "Node-list:" cr)))
>     (if (node-list-empty? n) r
>         (loop (node-list-rest n)
>               (sosofo-append r
>               (let* ((nd (node-list-first n)) (c 
> (node-property 'classnm nd)))
>                 (cond
>                   ((equal? 'element   c) (literal "Element: " 
> (gi nd) cr))
>                   ((equal? 'data-char c)
>                    (literal "Char:    |"
>                             (string (node-property 'char nd)) "|" cr))
>                   (else (literal "Node:    " (symbol->string 
> c) cr)))))))))
>    This will give you a listing of what's returned from (siblings).
> More detail could, of course, be added to what it generates.
> -Brandon :)
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