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Subject: Re: (dsssl) siblings
From: "Paul Tyson" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 08:53:25 -0800
This thread highlights one of the difficulties of DSSSL.  The problem
with have such a precise and detailed data model is that you must be
very precise in selecting things.  I've been baffled by similar problems
when trying to call or count children and siblings.

In the general case it could be even more complicated because the source
grove might have been constructed using a customized grove plan.

The lesson for the DSSSL handbook is to provide very good explanations
of the different types of subnode relationship, with examples of what to
use in different situations.


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> I'm coming to the conclusion that its a sibling-something,
> that counts elements only, ignoring character nodes :-)
> the one I had been using was from the procedures library.
> (define (siblings #!optional (osnl (current-node)))
> (children (parent osnl)))
> As Brandon says.
> My confusion was primarily because I expected an element count,
> I'd forgotten that chars were also included in the node count.
>  Hence my confusion, made worse by the fact that having (or not
> a DTD in use makes a difference to the result.
> Regards DaveP

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