(dsssl) A request (and something about a paper for EML)

Subject: (dsssl) A request (and something about a paper for EML)
From: "Mason, James David (MXM) " <mxm@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 13:17:17 -0500

Last year I asked whether you'd serve on the ISUG board. I hope we haven't
sent you much work ;)  Now I'd like to ask another favor: The stated Vice
President in noncommunicating. Could I ask you to take that position? Not
much more work than being on the board.

On a related topic: ISUG doesn't have a lot of money. UGs don't sell well
these days, particularly in the U.S. But is there something we could do to
help with Markup Languages?

On the subject of Montréal: I have much of a paper sketched out. I'm
supposedly doing it with my project manager at Germantown, but he's on
vacation, so I'm doing most of the writing. At the moment, the paper is up
to 34 kB; my target is 60 kB (including markup). The big thing it's lacking
now, so far as I'm concerned, is examples of code, and I can't generate
unclassified ones by Wednesday. In fact, I'm not supposed to have even
classified data until June 20 (though by then I have to be able to
demonstrate the whole thing to the project manager's management). But I'll
keep writing and send you what I have by Wednesday.


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