Re: (dsssl) spontaneous page renumbering with pdfjadetex

Subject: Re: (dsssl) spontaneous page renumbering with pdfjadetex
From: Jany Quintard <jany.quintard@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 16:29:37 +0200
* Pieter Rijken [Tue, 02/04/2002 at 15:23 +0200]
> Hi,
> I am generating documents using docbook and pdfjadetex to produce PDF.
> As you can see from the output after 38 pages the pages are renumbered are
> start at 1 again! From the output I notice that this consistently happens at
> the second chapter.
> I have no idea what is going on. I'm not sure whether my DocBook
> document is wrong although it looks ok and all references are unique.
> Has anyone encountered this before or has a clue of what's going on????

Hi Pieter.
Just a (probably wrong) wild guess: could it be an effect of page-number-restart?.
This is actually an RTF extension, but some others (heading-level) work in TeX/PDF as well.

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