Re: (dsssl) Including chunks of HTML code (newbie)

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Including chunks of HTML code (newbie)
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 23:34:16 -0500
Quoting Antun Karlovac <antun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Finally I've gotten round to working on this again!
> I tried doing as you said, but with no luck. I can get it to spit out php
> tags at various places (yey) but not where I need them.
> For example, in the (define (html-document title-sosofo body-sosofo) bit of
> the existing dbhtml.dsl file, I tried replacing:
>        (make element gi: "HTML"
>                  with
>        (make processing-instruction data: "php ob_start(); "
> But no luck. I get this error:
> "content expression cannot be specified in make expression for atomic f
> low object class "processing-instruction""
   Jade appears to be complaining about you trying to create "content"
inside of the PI, beyond what's specified for the data:.  There should
be a closing parens right after the closing quote mark of the PHP
code, above, otherwise anything following would be interpreted as
content for the PI, which is not allowed.
   Also, looking at your basic "template" for the generated file (from
your first message in this thread), I notice that you don't really
have a top level element that wraps everything up.  Jade won't like
this, I'm sure, so you may want to consider wrapping everything up in
an <html>...</html> tag pair, rather than having PHP generate these
for you.  Considering that everything PHP generates should be between
these (unless you're doing something funky with the DOCTYPE
declaration), this shouldn't be a major shift.

-Brandon :)

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