(dsssl) including or not toc based on "role" attribute?

Subject: (dsssl) including or not toc based on "role" attribute?
From: "Pavel Tolkachev" <pavel.tolkachev@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 17:57:05 -0500

I am a novice in DSSSL and I am trying to customize DocBook DSSSL package for several rendering formats; in particular, for publishing on our web site. I started from the docbook-utils.dsl from RedHat docbook-utils package and managed to do almost every simple thing I wanted, but got stuck with the more complex task, namely:

I want to control whether or not article-toc is included into the document, based on the value of "role" attribute of the <article> element (if role is equal to "overview", toc must be suppressed, otherwise it must be output) and I want to do it with the least possible impact to the core docbook-dsssl package in order to minimize the work necessary to upgrade to the next versions. I already had to redefine the function html-document form the core package in my custom stylesheets and I would like to avoid redefining more functions if possible. From what I could figure out so far, I would have to redefine "article" element and I do not want to do it. Any ideas?

And a silly question related to it (which will certainly reveal I do not actually know DSSSL): isn't it possible in DSSSL to change a variable to a function transparently for the client code? Docbook stylesheets use %generate-article-toc% to control whether or not article table of contents is generated. Is it possible to redefined this thing to be a function returning #t or #f so that in it I could check the current element and its attributes without modifying the code where it is used?

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