Re: (dsssl) How to use modular stylesheet

Subject: Re: (dsssl) How to use modular stylesheet
From: Ian Castle <ian.castle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 02 May 2003 11:34:41 +0100
The modular stylesheet is a  stylesheet for the DocBook DTD. The DocBook
DTD is a standard maintained by OASIS.

You can find out about the standard here: 

There is an O'Reilly book on docbook which you can buy, or view on line

There is a chapter on customising the stylesheets.

There should also be lots of links there also

The stylesheets themselves are available from

There is a mailing list devoted to using the docbook DTD (docbook-apps)
which you can ask this sort of question on. 

The mailing list is


Make sure you choose the "Applications" mailing lists, NOT the docbook
list as that is for discussions pertaining to the DTD itself (i.e.
changes, errors in the DTD). The applications mailing list is about

Hope that helps.

On Fri, 2003-05-02 at 11:24, Dan Richter wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> When I installed OpenJade for the first time, I had a lot of information on 
> DSSSL, but no information on the modular stylesheet provided with OpenJade. 
> (I don't even remember how I found where it was installed on my system.) 
> This made it difficult to understand how to do simple tasks (like change 
> the admonition graphics). Naturally I could read the stylesheet myself 
> (which is what I eventually did), but that was difficult at first because 
> the stylesheet contains thousands of lines of code scattered among thirty 
> files. I was constantly grepping (searching) to understand how this 
> function in this file plugged into that function in that file. It took me a 
> long time, for example, to realize that dbparam.dsl contained a bunch of 
> configurable parameters. Sure, it makes sense after the fact, but how was I 
> supposed to guess? It wasn't exactly easy to read through each file and try 
> to guess what it was doing. (It would help if there was a comment at the 
> top of each file that explained what it was for.)
> Does anyone know of a reference that explains, on a beginner's level, how 
> to change the modular stylesheet? I ask this because I'm ready to write one 
> if there isn't one already. I think that it's perfectly normal to want to 
> make small changes to the titlepage without writing your own stylesheet 
> from scratch, and it would be major help just to know that the function 
> name is book-titlepage and that it's defined in dbttlpg.dsl.
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