(dsssl) Explanation of areas

Subject: (dsssl) Explanation of areas
From: "Javier Farreres de la Morena" <spanish@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2003 20:59:53 +0200
I am writing an explanation of areas for The DSSSL Book, and I am finding
some problems with the text of the standard.

On page 166 I read:

"An area container has a filling-direction specified in terms of its own
coordinate system. The filling-direction gives a starting edge and an ending
edge which are opposite to each other."

On page 168 I read:

"The direction between a display area's starting and ending edges is the
placement direction of the display area."

Does it mean that display areas and area containers have perpendicular filling
directions? Or perhaps what is called filling-direction in an area container
is called placement direction in a display area?

On page 166 I read:

"The size of an area container is always fixed in the direction perpendicular
to the filling-direction.""

On page 167 I read:

"The display areas with which an area container is filled are always created
so that their size in the direction perpendicular to the filling-direction
is equal to the size of the area container in that direction."

On page 168 I see a figure where the display size of a display area is perpendicular
to the placement-direction.

What are the names of directions? I suspect:

-area containers just have a filling-direction and nothing more
-display areas have a placement-direction, the same direction as the filling
direction of its area container, and a perpendicular writing-mode,
-inline areas have an inline-progression direction and a line-progression
-line areas have a placement path among other things like spaces and such.

Am I wrong? Do I miss something?


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