(dsssl) External graphic output in PDF and RTF

Subject: (dsssl) External graphic output in PDF and RTF
From: Jany Quintard <jany.quintard@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 11:59:45 +0100
Hi all

Sorry for the crossposting, but I am not sure of the list to send the
question to.

I am usually a user of Openjade transformation features, and it works
very well, even if the transformation language was not implemented.

I am getting back to formatting, and try to produce RTF and PDF files.
While the PDF output is usually "cleaner" and nicer to look at, I am
having difficulties with images.

I use jpeg images, and their sizes vary in the PDF output, in a way that
I can't explain: some are just formatted as I wish, while others are too
big. This seems to comme from the images themselves.

The code I use is:

  (element img 
    (make external-graphic display?: #t
                          scale: 'max-uniform
;			   max-width: (debug *text-width*)
;			   max-width: (debug (/ *table-width* 3))
;                           display-alignment: 'center
;                           span: 1
                   entity-system-id: (string-append "../../"
The comments are the remains of some tests (if I use max-width, my
images are reduced to a black dot!)

Is this known? Is there a work around?


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