[dssslist] Update on OpenJade development

Subject: [dssslist] Update on OpenJade development
From: Javi <spanish@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2006 18:32:57 +0200
Dear all

It has been a long time without messages from my part. I have some news for some upcomming updates in OpenJade. As you will remember, Cristian, a student under my guide, extended the formatting language including most of the missing flow object classes. It was done around two years ago. His work is in the CVS but is not usable because there is no output of the FOT for these classes. Now Cristian is working again on OpenJade and he is doing the following tasks:

-importing the functionalities of JadeTex into the TeX backend (around 50% done)
-correct some of the bugs of JadeTex, like conditional spaces or tables (previous task must be more advanced for this to be started)
-validation of some important restrictions, like making sure SPS is root element (under study)
-generation of some output for PageModel (not yet started)

We hope his work to be finished around summer, july or september. Let's see how far he can reach.


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