[dssslist] [OpenJade] groveoa.dll encoding problem (unicode, windows)

Subject: [dssslist] [OpenJade] groveoa.dll encoding problem (unicode, windows)
From: "tin gherdanarra" <tinman31337@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 21:22:19 +0200
Dear jadesters,

I'm using groveoa.dll from C# and have difficulties getting French and
German diacriticals right.
I made sure that SP_MULTI_BYTE is compiled into groveoa.dll (or,
better, sp133d.dll), but
the output from  grovebuilder.parse() extrudes an 'A' and a bogusly
encoded character for
umlauts and diacriticals. The command line tool /sgmlnorm/ also
behaves this way.

What's interesting is that my SGML sources parsed by /parse/ contains
some of the troublesome
diacriticals as unicode characters, not as &entities;. /parse/
correctly translates &entities; in the
text to their correct character-representation. If a diacritical is
represented as unicode character
(C# strings handle this gracefully) /parse/ (and sgmlnorm, for that
matter) fails to understand them as such.

I thought that the problem is that groveoa.dll's /Encoding/ and
/DefaultEncoding/ are set WINDOWS,
so set them to UCS-2 and other, less obvious encodings, but this made
it worse:  groveoa.dll can't
even build any nodes with such settings.

This is /not/ a DTD-problem (bogus entities), because entity resolving
works just fine.

So what's a propeller hat supposed to do here?

Kind regards, thanks for your attention

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