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[dssslist] Page borders with DSSSL

Hi all

I've got a one page document which is created using DocBook (4.5) SGML and
DSSSL using docbook2ps (openjade back-end) to convert to postscript, which is
then converted to a PDF using ps2pdf13. This is all working fine, but I'd like
to add a border around the entire page.

I've managed to do it using 'make box' by overriding '(element book' and that
works ok, but now I've added content to the page footer (using
$center-footer$, and generated entirely via DSSSL) the border only appears
around the page content. I'd like to have the border go around the footer
content too if possible. I can get a border to appear around the footer (again
using 'make box'), but then the border is separate from the actual page
border, effectively leaving me with two separated boxes on the page.

Is there any way to enclose the page header, content and page footer inside a
single border using DSSSL?

On a related note, my original idea was to have the footer defined as a
<section condition="footer"> element in the source SGML which then gets
filtered out of the main page content by checking the condition attribute.
When it came to retrieving the <section> element from inside the
$center-footer$ function I couldn't get it to work - whatever combination of
functions and nodes I tried I kept getting 'node out of context' or 'not a
node-list' errors - what would be the best way to begin normal processing of
an element from within a DSSSL function, or is it not possible to begin normal
node processing in the headers/footers?

Thanks in anticipation :)
Ian Kent

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