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Re: [dssslist] Re: How to increase the space before the title of an article and modify the font of the title with DSSSL?

Yeah, it works!
But another question:
when I remove the entity reference from document doctype, it works;
but when I add the entity reference below , my customized dsssl won't work.
Why?  if then, my dsssl will not inherit the default dsssl of docbook.

the doctype:

<!DOCTYPE style-sheet PUBLIC "-//James Clark//DTD DSSSL Style Sheet//EN" [
  <!ENTITY % html "IGNORE">
  <![%html; [
    <!ENTITY % print "IGNORE">
    <!ENTITY docbook.dsl PUBLIC "-//Norman Walsh//DOCUMENT DocBook
HTML Stylesheet//EN" CDATA dsssl>
  <!ENTITY % print "INCLUDE">
  <![%print; [
    <!ENTITY docbook.dsl PUBLIC "-//Norman Walsh//DOCUMENT DocBook
Print Stylesheet//EN" CDATA dsssl>

2013/8/30 Speck, Dan <dspeck@bna.com>:
> Woops, I think you need a (sosofo-append ...) around the two (make paragraph ...)'s. You also need to process the content of the articleinfo title in the (make paragraph ...):
> (element (articleinfo title)
>   (sosofo-append
>     (make paragraph (literal " "))
>     (make paragraph
>      font-family-name: "Times New Roman"
>      font-weight: 'bold
>      font-size: 35pt
>      space-before: 55pt
>      space-after: 10pt
>      start-indent: 6pt
>      quadding: 'center
>       (process-children)
>   )
> )