Re: [jats-list] Improving Preview Stylesheets - suggestions, please

Subject: Re: [jats-list] Improving Preview Stylesheets - suggestions, please
From: "Beck, Jeff (NIH/NLM/NCBI) [E]" <beck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2012 09:09:48 -0400
Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the suggestions.

We didn't invest in new Preview stylesheets to support the NISO JATS 0.4
draft for two reasons: it was still relatively close to NLM 3.0, and we
weren't sure if things were going to change out from under us when NISO
JATS 1.0 release. Officially, we are still not 100& sure that things won't
change out from under us with the official 1.0. But the 1.0 that is in
front of the NISO members now for voting is backward-compatible with NLM


On 6/7/12 2:26 PM, "Kevin Hawkins" <kevin.s.hawkins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>Pardon the late reply to this call for suggestions.
>The University of Michigan Library is building a system for publishing
>journal literature into HathiTrust:
>While we will normalize content to the Article Authoring Tag Set of
>JATS, we will allow archiving of anything conforming to the Journal
>Archiving & Interchange Tag Set.
>Since I have not been able to find any version of the Preview XSLT
>stylesheets on the JATS website, we are adapting the Preview XSLT at
> (designed for version 3.0 of the
>Journal Publishing Tag Set) for server-side processing of JATS content
>for display in HTML in the HathiTrust user interface.  It will be
>embedded in a wider webpage including navigation elements.  The way to
>avoid CSS conflicts would be to have an iframe, but architectural
>considerations on our side have led us to choose not to do that.
>Therefore, we are having to tweak both our existing CSS (covering the
>navigational elements) and jpub-preview.css to avoid conflicts.
>In the future, we imagine also using the PDF-generation functionality.
>Anyway, we would like to see Preview XSLT improved:
>a) to support the Journal Archiving & Interchange Tag Set (and not just
>the Journal Publishing Tag Set)
>b) to no longer use <html:table> to achieve presentational layout for
>metadata found in <jats:front> in the HTML output (the two "columns"
>containing "Journal Information" and "Article Information").  Use of
><html:table> for things other than tabular data is bad practice for
>On 2:59 PM, Tommie Usdin wrote:
>> Readers of JATS-List,
>> We are seeking suggestions on how to improve the Preview XSLT
>> stylesheets which are designed to convert data tagged in version 3.0
>> of the Journal Publishing Tag Set to HTML or PDF (via XSL-FO).  We
>> intend to extend them forward, to work with JATS 1.0 when it is
>> available and backward, to work with NLM 2.3.
>> Do you have suggestions on other ways in which these stylesheets
>> can/should be improved?
>> Our design goals remain the same -- support a "greatest common
>> factor" subset of tag usage in JATS Blue (Publishing), with most
>> elements and all common elements supported; produce simple and sane
>> HTML and PDF results; support local customization by means of any or
>> all of the following: (1) enhancing or replacing CSS for the HTML
>> display; (2) layering XSLT customizations using the xsl:import
>> mechanism; and (3) pipelining inputs and outputs through separate
>> XSLT transformations or other processes (as demonstrated in the
>> release). These stylesheets are not designed to produce
>> publication-ready output, but they should provide a sound basis for
>> further development.
>> We are interested in:
>> * What capabilities or features would you like to see in the
>> stylesheets that are not currently provided?
>> * On what platform(s) have you run XSLT stylesheets (either these
>> stylesheets or others) to process JATS data? What are your favorite
>> tools and processors? In particular, have you found it useful to
>> apply XSLT to XML in web browsers (client-side processing); and if
>> so, which browsers have you used?
>> * Have you used the version 3.0 NLM/NCBI JATS Preview stylesheets? If
>> so, what are your target formats (HTML, PDF or other)?
>> * Have you customized the version 3.0 stylesheets with your own CSS
>> or XSLT? Do you have any advice on how the stylesheets might better
>> support customization?
>> * How can we improve these stylesheets?
>> Please feel free to write us directly (btusdin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) or
>> to reply on this list regarding your experiences.
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