[jats-list] JATS and Open Access Metadata Indicators

Subject: [jats-list] JATS and Open Access Metadata Indicators
From: "Lizzi, Vincent" <Vincent.Lizzi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2014 19:03:08 +0000
We are reviewing NISO RP-22-201x, Open Access Metadata Indicators
(http://www.niso.org/workrooms/oami/), in relation to JATS. This proposal
suggests adding two elements to hold core Open Access metadata to existing
schemas. Quoting from the proposal:

a) Free-to-read (<free_to_read>) - A simple status that defines whether the
work is
accessible, without charge or other restriction (such as registration), to
read online. This
status can optionally carry a start date to define the timepoint when the work
will become
free-to-read. It may also specify an end date when it will cease to be
free-to-read where

b) License reference (<license_ref>) - A reference to a URI that carries the
license terms
specifying how a work may be used. There will be no limitations on the license
or on the terms contained within the license. Multiple license reference
elements can be
provided. Each of these may have a different start date.

The proposal suggests that these elements should be present in addition to,
and take precedence over, any similar elements that might already be present
in the host schema. There is overlap between these elements and the <license>
element that already exists in JATS. Considering how to implement this
proposal with JATS raises many questions.

One possible approach is to add <free_to_read> and <license_ref> to JATS.
However, it is a potential source of errors and confusion to have more than
one element holding the same information. Would it be better to remove
<license> from JATS (possibly by deprecating it) and add <free_to_read> and
<license_ref>? Alternatively, it seems reasonable to just use <license> to tag
the information and transform to <free_to_read> and <license_ref> when
necessary. The <license> element could be modified to add optional start_date
and end_date attributes.

Does anyone on this list have thoughts as to how the Open Access Metadata
Indicators proposal could be applied with JATS?


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