Re: [jats-list] How to tag author contributions (JATS 1.*, archiving)

Subject: Re: [jats-list] How to tag author contributions (JATS 1.*, archiving)
From: "Mary Seligy mary.seligy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <jats-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2015 17:10:12 -0000
Kevin: I agree with Debbie, that's a great suggestion.

In looking over the taxonomy quickly just now, I see that they consistently
refer to the various contribution "roles". So perhaps using <role> to contain
an author's contribution is the most appropriate way to go, especially given
that the JATS tagging guidelines specifically say that <role> might be used to
indicate something like "principal author", which reflects a contribution as
opposed to a job title.

Thanks very much for pointing me in this direction.


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I can't speak to the choice of these approaches, but I'd like to suggest that
in giving the various types of contributions, you draw from this recently
developed taxonomy:


On 7/23/15 11:00 AM, Mary Seligy mary.seligy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi All
> I did look through the list archives for an answer on this first, but didn't
find one. Apologies in advance in case it is there and I've just missed it.
> For an upcoming new journal, we are going to be capturing each author's
contribution(s) to the work. By 'contribution', I mean things like 'conception
and design of experiments', 'analysis and interpretation of data', etc.
> I was looking at the tag library documentation, and I see a few possible
ways of tagging contributions, but I don't see anything that, to me, clearly
says 'do it this way'. Here are the three most reasonable ways I can see:
> 1. Use <author-comment> in <contrib>, with @content-type="contribution"
> 2. Use a footnote on each author and contain within <author-notes>, with
> 3. Use <role> in <contrib>, with @content-type="contribution"
> What say you all? Is one of the above more tempting than any of the others,
or is there some fourth thing that would be best?
> Thanks very much,
> Mary
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