[jats-list] Publishing Cartoons

Subject: [jats-list] Publishing Cartoons
From: "Haber, David dhaber@xxxxxxxxxx" <jats-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2017 18:24:39 -0000

We have an editor who is interested in publishing a cartoon as an editorial.

We've thought about different ways of encoding this in the JATS (as a straight
in-line graphic with little explanation, trying to tie this into our normal
editorial article model---with an author, title, legends, etc.), or some third
method in which we try to encode descriptions of cartoon/comic along with the
graphic for accessibility purposes.

Before we developed some unique way of tagging this material, we were
wondering if anyone had any experience with this sort of content and had a
good way of dealing with it.

Thanks for the thoughts.

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