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Subject: Re: [jats-list] ANNOUNCEMENT: JATS 2.0 Under Consideration
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Date: Wed, 22 May 2019 12:49:50 -0000
just to update the last link in Jeffbs message below - the comment page for
JATS 1.2 is:


> On May 22, 2019, at 2:29 AM, Jeff Beck beck.jeff@xxxxxxxxx
<jats-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yesterday at JATS-Con I made the announcement on behalf of the JATS Standing
Committee of our intention to start working on a 2.0 version that most likely
will not be backward compatible with existing JATS models.
> We will not release a backward-incompatible version before 2021 and will
continue to work on the 1.X line until then.
> Details are in the announcement below.
> Thank you
> Jeff
> ===================================================================
> ANNOUNCEMENT: JATS 2.0 Under Consideration April 2019, from the JATS
Standing Committee
> The JATS Standing Committee is considering development of a
non-backwards-compatible version of the JATS Standard and all of the JATS tag
> When: The new version, to be called JATS 2.0, will be published as a
standard no sooner than 2021.
> Why: JATS is in continuous maintenance. The JATS Standing Committee responds
to requests for enhancements and changes several times a year, and new
(backwards-compatible) versions of JATS have been released about once a year.
JATS is continually expanding to accommodate the changing environment of
journal article publishing and to meet the needs of a growing user community.
As we consider requests for enhancements, the JATS Standing Committee
sometimes finds that design decisions that seemed appropriate in the past are
non-optimal given new requirements. In the normal maintenance mode, we find
ourselves making compromises in the design of the tag sets in order to meet
new requirements and while maintaining backwards-compatibility. We believe
that there are enough of these compromises in JATS 1.2 that it is time to
consider a non-backwards- compatible version in which structures that have
been deprecated are removed, redundant models are consolidated, and the
structures are tidied up to strengthen JATS for the future.
> What Does That Mean: It means that there will be changes to some of the
models such that some documents that were valid to previous versions of JATS
(the 1.X versions) may not be valid to JATS 2.0. For example, the
<nlm-citation> element was introduced in the first version of the NLM DTDs on
which JATS was based. It was retained through all the versions of the NLM
DTDs, and also retained in JATS up to version 1.2 (although marked as
deprecated) to maintain backward compatibility with the NLM DTDs. However,
<nlm-citation> will not be supported in JATS
> 2.0. While JATS 2.0 will be a major maintenance release of JATS; it will not
be a totally new vocabulary, it will be a cleaned-up version of the JATS.
> What Happens in the Meantime: The JATS Standing Committee will continue to
support the 1.X versions of JATS until version 2.0 is published as an
ANSI/NISO Standard. That means that we will continue to review comments as
they come in from the user community and may issue committee drafts and new
(backwards-compatible) releases of JATS (1.3, 1.4, etc.) as appropriate.
> As we work on JATS 2.0, we will release committee drafts of version 2.0 for
comment, as has been the usual practice of the JATS Standing Committee. Any
additions made to JATS 1.X will be considered during the development of JATS
> Seeking Comments: The JATS Standing Committee is seeking comments on this
plan, and on any particulars in JATS that users believe should be improved.
Please submit any comments and suggestions on JATS 1.2 to:
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