[jats-list] Re: Row headers in OASIS table model

Subject: [jats-list] Re: Row headers in OASIS table model
From: "Julie Blair julie.blair@xxxxxxxxxxx" <jats-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2022 22:03:27 -0000
While we don't use the CALS table model for JATS, we use it in our proprietary
book DTD. We had to make adjustments to the table model within the DTD to
ensure accessibility of tables. For your below situation we added scope
attributes that would translate well into XHTML.

Associate table data with its headers
This step is required for more complex tables. For example, tables that
contain row and column headers, tables with multiple column header rows,
and/or entries that span multiple rows or columns.
@scope (<entry scope="">)
The scope attribute should be used on table entries (<entry>) that function as
headers to specify the range of entries they encompass. This could be either a
row, a column, a row group, or a column group.

  *   Add an @scope and assign a value of one of: row|col|rowgroup|colgroup
For example, please see the below encoding for a complex table using @scope:

<table rowheader="firstcol">
    <tgroup cols="3">
        <colspec colname="col1"/>
        <colspec colname="col2"/>
        <colspec colname="col3"/>
                <entry morerows="1"/>
                <entry namest="col2" nameend="col3"
                <entry scope="col">expected</entry>
                <entry scope="col">actual</entry>
                <entry scope="row">Mark</entry>
                <entry scope="row">Peter</entry>
                <entry scope="row">Cindy</entry>

I'm not sure if you are able to modify your in-use DTD/schema - but this
approach could help. It is essentially using the expanded CALS table model for
DocBook 5.1:

Julie Blair
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SAGE Publishing
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From: Michael Boudreau mboudreau@xxxxxxxxxxxx <jats-list-

We use the OASIS table model in our JATS 1.2 XML for in-house editing with
Arbortext Editor. Is there a way to tag a table row so that the first cell in
the row is designated as a row header, so that this

    <entry>Row header</entry>
    <entry>Some value</entry>
    <entry>Another value</entry>

can be converted to this

    <th scope="row">Row header</th>
    <td>Some value</td>
    <td>Another value</td>

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