Re: [niso-sts] Organizational Metadata

Subject: Re: [niso-sts] Organizational Metadata
From: Bruce Rosenblum <bruce@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2018 12:33:21 -0500
Hi Denise,

You are not a pest. That's why this list exists -- to ask these kinds of questions.

You should put the title in std-doc-meta.

For your background (and anyone else who is reading), reg-meta is used just for regional standards organizations like CEN, and it is historical from the pre-existing ISO STS DTD. std-meta is for metadata that is specific to a standards-producing organization (such as ISO or an SDO) that is publishing or adopting a standard.

How you choose to chop up the title within title-wrap is up to you. You should certainly fill in <full>. In addition, many organizations find they can better manage their metadata and/or formatting for PDF better if they separate out the Main and Complementary title parts as well, but doing so is optional. That stated, if you expect to exchange your STS files with any other organization, I would advise filling in both Main and Complementary as well as Full.

Best regards,


At 12:02 PM 1/29/2018, Denise French dfrenchlibrary@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Thanks for all the help on my previous question.Â

I have another newbie question: where should we put the title of the standard? It looks like there are a lot of options:Â
 - <reg-meta> (we aren't ISO or a National body)
 - <std-meta>
 - <std-doc-meta>

And, should we put in the whole title, the title chopped into the various bits, or both? Is there a reason there are so many options here?Â

Thank you all again. I don't want to be a pest, but I have no place else to ask.Â

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