[niso-sts] [ANN] Schematron Class -- LAST CALL

Subject: [niso-sts] [ANN] Schematron Class -- LAST CALL
From: "B Tommie Usdin btusdin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <niso-sts-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2020 17:07:32 -0000
     Mulberry Technologies announces the
                             LAST CALL
for Mulberry's hands-on face-to-face Schematron class

Are you one of those people who learns best when you can engage with the

Do you learn better when you can get immediate answers to your questions?

Do you learn better when you can interact with others who are learning the
same material?

Do hands-on exercises, with someone there to provide pointers when you get
stuck, help you
solidify what you learn?

Do you have XML documents? Do you sometimes want to enforce business rules
that cannot
be expressed in your XML grammar (DTD, XSD, or RNG)? Do you want error and
messages about your documents in the vocabulary of your users? Schematron
should be in
your XML toolbox!

Mulberry will be teaching our hands-on face-to-face Introduction to Schematron
class one
last time, on January 16 and 17, 2020.  For more details see:

To register, see:

For more information call us at +1 301 315 9631 or email

B. Tommie Usdin
Mulberry Technologies, Inc.
17 West Jefferson Street
Phone: 301/315-9631
Suite 207
Direct Line: 301/315-9634
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Fax: 301/315-8285
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