Re: getAttribute()

Subject: Re: getAttribute()
From: Henning Behme <hb@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 17:15:23 +0200

Jonathan Marsh writes:

> Yes, this is true.  If you have "year" elements without "which" attributes
> or "event" elements without "status" elements MSXSL will generate this error
> instead of returning null.  The easiest workaround in this case would be to
> make sure these attributes are always present.
as regards to the question, why getAttribute fails to work properly, if
any of the elements in question don't have this particular attribute.

What I did was to put it this way:

<!ATTLIST event
          cat   (general|...|w3c) "general"
          subcat  (conf|paper|...|no) "no"
          status (...) "none">

so, in a way (default way) every single element has a value for this
attribute.  Does this mean, msxsl doesn't check the DTD for default
values? And, if yes, is that considered to be a feature ;-) ?

Best regards,
Henning Behme

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