RE: XML Rendering Engine API

Subject: RE: XML Rendering Engine API
From: Jonathan Marsh <jmarsh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 09:31:31 -0700
To my knowledge Microsoft has made no official statement of support for
either XSL or CSS or any other mechanism to browse XML documents in IE.  My
understanding is that Netscape has announced some degree of support for
XML+CSS and a desire to support XSL at some point.  Absent these
announcements, this issue is largely speculation.

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		I'm unclear on a few points, which I will try and clarify,
or have clarified.

		I read that Microsoft is going to support XSL in IE and that
Netscape will support CSS2. Does that mean that their stuborness to support
the same standard, or what will become a standard, will force us to
distribute documents with multiple
		stylesheets (XSL, CSS2)?

		Does that also mean that IE will be shipping with an 
		'idea' of XSL, based on a July 1998 draft, whereas Netscape
will have the advantage of shipping with an early 1998 recommendation? It
seems to me that Netscape will have an advantage until July 1999, the
proposed final due date of XSL.

		Either way, I look forward to the XSL spec and to using


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