Braille style sheets

Subject: Braille style sheets
From: "Pawson, David" <DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 08:16:24 +0100
In order to transform an XML document into braille, via a stylesheet,
two (seperate) processes are necessary.

the first requires the application of contractions, used to produce a 
localised, shorter version of the text, e.g. a whole word contracted
to a single letter. This process is generally variant between countries.

The second is a (fairly straightforward) application of layout rules to
the contracted text.

Using XSL, the second process is easy.

the first process (today, and in the cases I know of), is done using 
a standard dp language such as C.

I am concerned that the capabilities of ecmascript are not up to this 
task (for which, say, perl or python or scheme would be ideal).

Is it on the cards to permit a defined interface to another application,
such that whilst processing each element, the contents of the element
could be extracted, sent across such an interface to a suitable braille
contraction engine, returned as the value of the function and 
're-inserted' prior to formatting?

The basis of the contraction is a search of every word or word pair
to look for patterns, then to apply the pattern substitutions with
a given priority, since often up to four contractions could apply to
any word, and local (to country) rules will apply.

Additionally, special transforms apply to (for example) literary,
mathematics, etc. Again these are local.

any information will be passed on to the WAI group looking at
this aspect. 

regards, DaveP

timeo gaecos dona ferentes

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