Re: Interactive XML

Subject: Re: Interactive XML
From: Sharon Adler <sca@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 21:37:25 -0400
Martin, we do not know what will be included in version 1.0 so you certainly
do not.  Please do not make statements that imply you have information that
you do not have.  Version 1.0 of XSL is scheduled for July, 1999.  We are
working feverishly to get out a small Working Draft for next month.  It will
not provide you with information on what will be in the July '99 document
either. It is our FIRST WORKING DRAFT and we should be given the courtesy to
have some time to develop coherent, well thought out, workable proposals for
this complex subject in more than 4 months.


At 06:57 AM 6/24/98 +0100, Martin Bryan wrote:
>>  I'm curious if others >share that view [on the need for interactivity],
>and how much thought and work has gone into
>>this aspect of XSL so far.  Is this a version 1.0 issue? Or
>>does it wait till we get hung punctuation nailed?
>Others share the concern. The XML/EDI community has made a number of
>comments on the current, inadequate, XSL requirements statement, and has
>repeatedly pointed out that a generalized mechanism is a must. Unfortunately
>it looks like we won't get it for Version 1.0, and will not get a date for
>it in this century. However, I live in hope and eagerly await next month's
>draft in the hope I will be proved wrong.
>Martin Bryan
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