Re: Interactive XML

Subject: Re: Interactive XML
From: Peter Murray-Rust <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 13:58:48
At 10:36 26/06/98 +0100, Sean Mc Grath wrote:
>Just a thought:-
>The Tk toolkit is about as close to a freely available, cross platform,
>independent GUI construction kit that there is.

I wrote an SGML/XML gui in tk called costwish (it sat upon Joe English's
version of CoST). [JUMBO is the logical outcome of that]. It worked fine -
but distribution was the problem - you needed about 5 files for SGML
(*.dcl, catalog, *.ent, *.sgm, *.dtd) for each instance and the same for
the software. XML has solved the first problem but I have lost touch with
tcl/tk since and I don't know how portable the *.exe's are. Anyway - if
anyone is interested they are welcome to use costwish.


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