How to do XML to XML translation

Subject: How to do XML to XML translation
From: Stefan Trcek <stefan_trcek@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 11:41:12 +0200
I want to convert a XML source language into another XML destination
language.  So I setup an XSL spec to do the conversion, I use xsl4j
to convert to DSSSL and jade to convert to the destination.

All works fine, if I use HTML or DSSSL flow objects (i.e. I can
convert my src to HTML or RTF).

But I want to define my own destination language (in XML), e.g.:

*source language*
<P.SRC ...>

*destination language
<P.DEST ...>

I guess, I'd either define my own flow objects (and make xsl4j, jade
know of it, how?) or output the destination as plain text.

What is an appropriate way to do it?

Stefan Trcek

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