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Subject: RE: How to do XML to XML translation
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Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 11:00:19 +1000

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> [Stefan Trcek]
> > I want to convert a XML source language into another XML destination
> > language.  So I setup an XSL spec to do the conversion, I use xslj
> > to convert to DSSSL and jade to convert to the destination.
> > 
> > All works fine, if I use HTML or DSSSL flow objects (i.e. I can
> > convert my src to HTML or RTF).
> Those are the only things that the initial submission mentioned, and
> probably all that Henry implemented.
> However, the upcoming draft of XSL will support XML-to-XML
> transformation, or at least that's the current consensus.
Now I thought this had been debated - I for one was confused with the
purpose of XSL thinking that it did allow arbitrary flow objects/general
output, but was told that no, the output is specific and predefined (to
at this stage deliver for HTML and RTF). And I've come to agree in that
the accronym includes the word 'style' and not 'transformation' (XTL?)
and so is for producing styled output.  Transformations should be done
in a separate process (Use Omnimark and say pipe the output to the XSL

BTW I still think the styled output mechanism sucks as it *isn't* easily
descernible from the XML.  Such as in the '<div>' in this:




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