attribute value templates: where to be allowed?

Subject: attribute value templates: where to be allowed?
From: "igor" <igorp1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 16:18:17 +0200
According to XML Working Draft, values of attributes have to be interpreted as attribute value templates in case of
Literal Result Elements (2.7.2)
'level', 'count', 'from', 'format' in xsl:number (2.7.8)
'value' in xsl:define-constant (2.7.12)
'value' in xsl:arg, 'default' in xsl:macro-arg (2.7.13)
Why all the rest of XSL Elements is discriminated? What prevents from qualified patterns like this:
<xsl:-process select="data-tag[attribute(type)]='{../query-tag}']"/> ?
By the way, WD postulates that
...when used with xsl:number the value of each of these attributes is interpreted as an attribute value template.
However, in James Clark's XT attribute value templates are instantieted only for 'format' value (call to getNumberListFormatTemplate(node) in NumberParser::parse). Values for other attributes are not processed as attribute value template (i.e., getOptionalAttribute(node, LEVEL, "single"), etc.). Is it intended?
Igor Pechersky
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