Re: why split? [was RE: XSL intent survey]

Subject: Re: why split? [was RE: XSL intent survey]
From: Daniel Glazman <Daniel.Glazman@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 02:47:43 +0100
A very short message in the dozens of pages sent in this thread...
[ when do you work ?-]

Just one point : it seems to me that the Netscape Action Sheets proposal [1]
can do very powerful transformations of a XML instance if associated
to the DOM. Ok, it's only partially declarative. And It is so powerful I don't

selectors + events + ECMAscript + DOM = do what you want ***any time you

[1] + Simple Tree Transformation Sheets (STTS) [2] + Microsoft behaviors
(pronounce HTML components !) [3] are a remarkably coherent and powerful set
for any transformation of any kind.

Oren, I guess you can determine my answers to your survey ;-)



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