Re: XSL intent survey

Subject: Re: XSL intent survey
From: "Jon Fernquest" <ferni@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 21:30:16 +0700
>the subscribers of this mailing list are not representative
>of all users of W3C standards ; most of readers/contributors
>because they believe/want XSL

I lurk on this list because
I hope to eventually find something I can

I work in the are of linguistics and language teaching
and am interested in using XML/XSL/XQL...(??)
for the following purposes:

1. Language learning tasks and exercises
that can be repurposed for online and offline paper use.
So high quality paper copies of the sort I've seen mentioned
as an issue on this list are important for me.

2. KWIC (key word in context) searches over many documents
for certain patterns of words (sometimes with an additional
grammatical markup to give part of speech)
and reverse indexing documents by these key words.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can use existing XSL
tools to reach the two goals stated above it would be much appreciated.

I particularly sympathize with the people who advocate
putting functionality into XSL as opposed to throwing
it back on a scripting language like
Javascript to perform.

The inclusion of a Perl-like regular expression pattern matching
capability (in the template part of XSL?)
sounds like a very useful feature for me.

I've played around with the XSL tools that Microsoft has on their XML
site but I'm not really aware of how the final w3c spec is going to differ
Microsoft's current implementation.

Jon Fernquest

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