XSL now, and no excuses!

Subject: XSL now, and no excuses!
From: David RR Webber <Gnosis_@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 10:57:12 -0500

The basic problem here seems to be:

a) scope creep,

b) more scope creep/ indecision (i.e. Microsoft really want this to be

I agree 100% - we need the original 80% + 20% focus that got XML going.

Let's do an XSL that's massively simple and easily implementable.
As with XML - no need to go with 99.99% solution first pass.  Make 
something that everyone can implement easily to do basic style sheet
manipulation to HTML from XML.

We *desparately* need this in V5 browsers (both of them) to allow XML
to really kick arse - instead of being left in limbo land between CSS 
(only viable cross-V5 solution at the moment) and nothing.  

OK - so Microsoft don't want this solution, since they hold the XSL
 - unless they realize they can nix the DOJ and Sun if they go for that and

get bonus points for their V5 having XSL - even though the other guys
can write an XSL parser in three weeks but did not bother too.....


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If W3C members are reading... please get it done. XSL isn't exactly rocket
science, what is it around 20 elements, and some rudimentry syntax? Ask
yourself if in your own business you could jusify taking more than another
month from the point at which XSL is currently at. And the recent estimates
are I believe August next year for XSL completion. Maybe I'm naive, or
missing some fundimentals of the W3C working process, all I know is if I
had a three man team with XSL at it's current stage, and tried telling my
boss it would be August next year before we decided what the final language
was, I'd get the sack. If I had industry support on the scale of W3C, with
some of the worlds greatest minds in the area working on the problem, and
estimated August next year for a language the size of XSL, my boss would
probably just piss himself laughing.

Wow, I'm straying miles from the point now, so once again I'll shut-up.


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