article segments

Subject: article segments
From: "Mattias Konradsson" <preacher@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 10:18:22 +0100
I'm working on an article implemention and thought I'd be clever. Every
article are divided into different segments which will translate
to different pages, if the reader want's he should be able to view the whole
article on a single page however. I though  a good way of controlling this
behaviour would be to pass parameters in the locationbar, something like:


would only show the first page while


would show all pages.

The problem how to implement this with the xsl template. I could set up a
different xsl template
for page nr 1 , page nr 2 etc etc but that seems veeeery unwieldy and having
a different template for each page seems really stupid. Is there someway I
can pass parameters into the xsl template?

/Mattias Konradsson

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