RE: Javascript and xsl:script

Subject: RE: Javascript and xsl:script
From: David Schach <davidsch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 11:29:54 -0800

<xsl:attribute name = "href"><xsl:eval>Your code goes

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> Subject:	Javascript and xsl:script
> Hi,
> I've been trying to get some info out of an XML document using 
> <xsl:script> and then put an anchor link's href based on one of its 
> values. But I can't put the link value inside the href=" " construct, 
> since I have to use <xsl:eval> to call the function and inside the 
> quotes it doesn't work, hardcoding the href would defeat the purpose of 
> using XML. It would have worked if I could call the xsl:script function 
> from a javascript function, but I can't find any way of doing it. Could 
> anybody help me out? It would be a great help to build the entire screen 
> using XML and XSL.
> Thanking you,
> yours truly,
> Joseph Alex
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